“One of the best in the game, with a catalogue to rival Paul Kelly and Tim Rogers.”Nathan Jolly, The Music Network (Australia)

“Danny McDonald is one of the finest purveyors of sunny Australian power pop, replete with jangling Rickenbackers, references to beaches and suburban pursuits, and the chronicling of an endless summer while basking in small, special details – it’s psycho-geography in song.”Nathan Jolly, The Guardian Australia

“Melbourne’s Danny McDonald is a veteran of the Aussie indie music scene, playing on over 70 different projects since the early oughts. But one listen to his latest EP Modern Architecture and you’re going to be wondering where has he been? How has a guy this talented kept such a low international profile?”Dennis Pilon, Porock Record (Canada)

“As the former Oscarlima and Jericho frontman, P76 leader and onetime member of Little Murders, Danny McDonald should need no introduction. But if you’re curious about on of the most underrated purveyors of Aussie guitar pop and want a jumping-in point, his new EP is as good a place as any … Hell, if singing about the mortgage belt can make Brooooce a multi, where’s Danny’s cut? He writes much better songs, for a start.”The Barman,

“Traralgon, in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, has given the world two great pop stars – Jack Jones and Danny McDonald. Jack is a household name; Danny deserves wider recognition. He’s a no-fuss but fabulous pop artist who gets in, gets out and always gets the job done.”Jeff Jenkins, The Music

“Danny McDonald is skilled in several genres. “Cordyline” bursts from the speakers with authority, very much in the mold of Paul Westerberg and it hooks you right away.”

“Not sure if this is a precursor of things to come (full length?) but let’s hope Mr. McDonald’s inspiration is still in full force ‘cos I wanna hear more (as I’m sure you do as well).  The best 9 minutes you’ll spend today.”Daggerzine, USA

“When it comes from the Popboomerang stable, you kind of know what to expect. And the gorgeous popnificence of opener Cordyline is perfect evidence, as it  just washes over you in an instant … A must for all you pop freaks out there.”Mark Fraser, Redback Rock

“One of this country’s most underrated songwriters, Danny McDonald makes the kind of music which, if listened to on a Monday, will put a smile on your face for the rest of the week. Beautiful, sunshiny guitar pop”Danielle O’Donohue, Herald Sun

“Few bands can do the power pop thing as well as Danny McDonald … this is great stuff from one of our finest young songwriters”Jeff Jenkins, Inpress Magazine Australia

“Summer city confirms Danny McDonald as one of the greatest songwriters and performers in Australia … Buy now, record of the year”Savio Records, Italy

“Danny McDonald is now regarded as one of Australia’s leading proponents of what’s loosely known as power pop that has found a home particularly among Europeans who have taken the ‘Australian sound’ to their heats”Kerrie Hickin, Bucketful of Brains Magazine, UK

“Maybe the most enjoyable pure pop album of the summer, Danny McDonald’s solo debut is like a cross between Paul Kelly’s late 80’s albums with the Messengers and the straight-forward-hooks-and-harmony of Brendan Benson or Fountains of Wayne … McDonald has an uncanny knack for varied and appealing melodies”Amplifier Magazine, USA

“Australian guitar pop doesn’t get any better than this. Former lead singer and mastermind of P76, Danny McDonald continues to hone the perfectly constructed melodies of that group”Burnside Distribution, USA

“Fast becoming the most prolific artist in Australian pop, or any country for that matter.. this guy’s got a voice that is just made of power pop (like Dom Mariani, or Peter Holsapple for example) and as a result you buy into every word … McDonald can craft a hook like no few others”NotLame, USA

“McDonald has a similar Australia Uber Alles feel to his lyrics, filling songs with novelistic detail and off-hand references that help set his songs in a very specific time and place. More importantly, McDonald has an uncanny knack for varied and appealing melodies, and his self-production is clean and richly detailed”Stewart Mason, Amplifier Magazine, USA

“Musically, McDonald demonstrates growth as he peers above the West Coast (that’s California, not Perth!), guitar vibe that informs much of his work to incorporate more country and folk elements. However, it is the down home charm of McDonald’s lyrics that will probably make the bigger impression as McDonald sings about the sunshine, his surroundings, familiars and that favourite Aussie pastime – um… beer”Kevin Mathews, Bucketful of Brains magazine, UK

“McDonald also tries his hand at story-telling here … anecdotes which shows qualities of another quintessential Aussie songwriter Paul Kelly. This is a fine record from a fine songwriter. The sound of summer for the whole year round”Oz Music Project website, Australia

“Guitar pop doesn’t get much better than this. What’s more, Danny McDonald manages to imbue his songs with local (Australian) references in way that doesn’t come across as contrived or cloying” – The Barman, I-94 Bar website, Australia

“Deliberately sunkissed and happily thirst-quenching pop-rock with no pretensions, no airs and graces, and even fewer dud aspects”Neala Johnson, Beat Magazine, Australia

“McDonald’s music is classical – classical in the sense that it’s pop, radio-friendly in a great way, with each song running for just over two minutes. McDonald has rightly created perfect tunes for driving down to the beach”Beat Magazine, Australia

“Danny McDonald has an incredibly similar vocal style to Dom Mariani. But these Melbourne-area guys have done it themselves, writing a powerful and rocking set of originals and then recording them to perfection”Steve Gardner, The Big Takeover Magazine, USA

“It seems these days you just can’t get rid of Danny McDonald, thankfully. His catchy hooks are all over the scene, be it the power-pop soundtrack to an endless summer with his band P76 or his own solo stuff, the glammy garage sounds of The Stoneage Hearts or Jericho… the development of the pop-master-in-the-making”Goran Obradovic, Popism, Yugoslavia

“Danny McDonald is not in Red Kross, but his shimmering guitars and sunny melodies are right up there with Jeff and Steve McDonald. The difference is Danny delivers his pop irony-free – straight-up radio-ready hits from the 1970’s written today”Robot Magazine, USA

“If the true essence of an Aussie summer could be captured forever in time, this would be it”Whammo website, Australia